SEOnerdSwitzerland: a unique community in Switzerland

SEOnerdSwitzerland Who we are

SEOnerdSwitzerland is a Swiss-based association dedicated to support SEOs navigate their career and educate about SEO.
We create a friendly space where folks can learn, share and grow.

SEOnerdSwitzerland at Google Zurich: Sara Moccand-Sayegh and Isaline Muelhauser - Foundres & organisers of SEOnerdSwitzerland
SEOnerdSwitzerland founders and organisers: Sara Moccand-Sayegh and Isaline Muelhauser at Google ZH, 2022

You are welcome at SEOnerdSwitzerland just as you are.

SEOnerdSwitzerland What we do

💬 We organise online and in person events to learn and network

💙 We foster diversity beyond gender and language with events in English and German and French

💪 We empower SEOs in their career by developing speaking skills: we offer training & coaching to first time speakers

🇨🇭 We amplify Swiss specialists & provide visibility to SEOs within our industry

📚 We are a hub of trustworthy resources

💰 We fundraise and find sponsors to make sure that our events remain free

If you think we are wonderful and you want to donate (even 5 CHF helps) please use our IBAN or reach out as a sponsor.

Fun facts about SEOnerdSwitzerland founders

SEOnerdSwitzerland is the story of Sara Moccand-Sayegh and Isaline Muelhauser’s friendship and enthusiasm about their job as SEOs. They created a safe space to learn and grow with fellow SEOs.

SEOnerdSwitzerland is the community that they wish existed when they started. A place where folks can develop skills, meet and share. A place where everyone is welcome and enough just as they are.

Isaline Muelhauser and Sara Moccand-Sayegh
Isaline Muelhauser and Sara Moccand-Sayegh, 2019
SEOnerdSwitzerland, Bern, 2023: Corina Burri as a speaker
SEOnerdSwitzerland, Bern, 2023: Corina Burri as a speaker

Speak at SEOnerdSwitzerland

Do you want to be a speaker at SEOnerdSwitzerland? Visit our SEOnerdSwitzerland speaker page. You will know everything about the opportunity and your next step to have your wish come true.

What people say about SEOnerdSwitzerland

Don’t take our word! Read what our community members say and read what our speakers say. If you are unsure you want to come to an event because it’s your first time coming to a community event, contact us and let us know what we can do. We know it’s difficult to come solo to an event, and we promise you will not be disappointed, we are there for you. Everybody loves SEOnerdSwitzerland. If you love our events too, please, leave us a review. Reviews help us find partners and sponsors, which in turn help us organise free events for all.

Useful links

SEOnerdSwitzerland on meetup: join our community and our next event.

SEOnerdSwitzerland on Twitter: Sara and Isaline do their best to keep you informed about next events on Twitter, head to SEOnerdSwitzerland on Twitter and Follow our SEOnerdSwitzerland Speakers List.

SEOnerdSwitzerland Youtube Channel: you will find the videos of the online events

Speak at SEOnerdSwitzerland: if you want to pitch a talk in English or German, head to our SEOnerdSwitzerland Speaker page.

Support SEOnerdSwitzerland: to make a donation, head to our SEOnerdSwitzerland Sponsor page. Use our IBAN or get in touch to become a sponsor.

SEOnerdSwitzerland’s Code of Conduct

SEOnerdSwitzerland is a free community open to all SEOs in Switzerland, but also across the globe, who want to hang out with other like-minded nerds, and make friends, learn and develop existing and new SEO skills.

We are dedicated to creating a safe space for everyone, in every situation related to SEOnerdSwitzerland. We want new speakers to be experience a safe space to share their knowledge. We want SEOs to feel sufficiently safe to ask questions and learn. We want every member of the community to be able to relate to one another in a kind and empathetic way and hopefully make some friendly connection.

1) Be kind and supportive
We want to create a community that is friendly, welcoming for all and supportive. That means treating everyone with the respect and kindness they deserve.

2) Zero tolerance of bullying
We don’t want any bullying, intimidation or hate speech. That includes comments related to race, religion, culture, sexual orientation or identity.

3) Don’t force-feed a sales pitch 
Whilst we want you to share how great you are at SEO and we understand that it’s important to sell your service if you are a consultant, remember that our in-person events are meant to share and support. Share contact numbers and keep the promotional speeches for another time and place.

4) Don’t start questions with “this is stupid, but…”
This community is to help each other and no questions are ever stupid. We want to create a safe space where people can ask any question they want. Asking questions is a good thing!

5) Be judgement free
Be open-minded. Let’s not judge others based on the questions they ask. That includes also the level of language that they use: it is okay to not speak a perfect German, English or French. Many people speak more than one language: be tolerant of accents and languages.

Reporting rule breakers
If you have any issues or concerns, please notify

Join us & spread the word

Help us bring together a vibrant group of SEO professionals by spreading the word about SEOnerdSwitzerland’s events. Share this page or our next event with your network, on social media, and invite others to join. The more diverse our group, the richer the learning experience will be for everyone.

SEOnerdSwitzerland, Bern, 2023: Deniz Selina Akman as a speaker
SEOnerdSwitzerland, Bern, 2023: Deniz Selina Akman as a speaker