Roxana Stingu discusses Time To First Byte (TTFB) at SEOnerdSwitzerland. Watch the recording and read the transcript.

How To Optimise TTFB w/ Roxana Stingu

Here you find the link to the slides regarding the online SEOnerd Switzerland meetup how to Optimise TTFB with Roxana Stingu.

Time To First Byte – TTFB – is a metric that represents the loading experience. More precisely, TTBF identifies the time at which the server sent a response. Which is why a poor TTFB impacts speed and ultimately LCP.

Roxana explained exactly what TTFB is and how it relates to the ranking signal Largest Contentful Paint – LCP. She also goes into detail on how can you measure it and most importantly, how can you reduce it.

Meet Roxana Stingu

Roxana heads the SEO efforts at Alamy, the world’s most diverse online photo agency for stock, video and live news. She loves getting into the nitty-gritty of page speed. Besides theorising about the future of Image Search, her favourite past-time is automating anything repetitive. She has spoken at BrightonSEO, WiTS and ReadingSEO.

Roxana started her SEO career back in 2006 with link building (before it was even a thing). Later, she dived into data and reporting to become the expert that can distinguish between a normal variance and a possible change in algorithms that has affected traffic on a website.

Meet Roxana Stingu, Head of SEO, Alamy LTD

Twitter @RoxanaStingu

LinkedIn Roxana Stingu

We forgot to record the webinar and we explain everything here

Roxana Stingu at SEOnerdSwitzerland, 2021

Read Roxana Stingu’s slides about Time To First Byte

Because we forgot to record the meetup, we shared with the participants a special set of slides with comment and further explanation from Roxana.

We shared the special slides only with the persons who participated to the events. However, the presentation Roxana made at Brighton SEO was similar, so I am sharing them here.

Thank you Roxana Stingu for your presentation

A huge thank you to Roxana Stingu, Head of SEO, Alamy LTD. Preparing a presentation and being present at the meetup take a lot of time.

The association SEOnerd Switzerland is nothing without speakers willing to share their knowledge. I am happy SEOnerd Switzerland got to welcome Roxana! I feel ready to go on auditing my client’s website to prepare them for the page’s experience update.

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