About us at WorkinSEO

Hi there, thanks for coming to check out more about WorkinSEO. Hopefully this page will give you a clearer idea of our intentions.

WorkinSEO.com was founded by Isaline Muelhauser, first as a podcast, then as a website out of a wish to share opportunities.

WorkinSEO intends to be a source of insightful, useful and reliable content to help people navigate their careers in SEO or start their career in SEO in Switzerland and beyond.

SEOnerdSwitzerland: founder & organiser Isaline Muelhauser
Isaline Muelhauser

Beyond helping folks navigate their SEO career, I intend to champion people & companies who embrace diversity, equity and inclusion as work values.

I have the ambition to make a lasting impact in the SEO-related community I serve. To support the project, please consider buying a coffee or sharing this site with someone you think may benefit from joining an event, listening to a podcast or reading an article.

If you have any questions or need any help with the site, feel free to email me at isaline@workinseo.com.